Below are few instructions for Speakers and Chairpersons

Thirteen MicroSymposia are scheduled in the Scientific Program. For each of them, a two hours time slot is reserved for oral presentations, plus a poster session of 2 hours. Staff will be present in each conference room for technical support.

Chairpersons of MicroSymposium
Two co-chairpersons are designed to organize each MicroSymposium (MS).

Chairs are asked to choose invited keynote speakers, and select contributions for oral presentations from the submitted abstracts. Remaining communications will be presented as posters. Chairs decide the number of keynote lectures and shorter oral presentations in their MS. Anyway, it is advisable to set two keynote lectures of 30 minutes and three shorter oral presentations of 20 minutes in such a way that all MS have the same timetable and the conference participant is able to switch from one MS to the other one in parallel. Submitted abstracts not selected for oral presentations should be presented as posters in the associated poster session.

The chairpersons are requested to check that the session timetable is respected.

The length of presentations given in the program covers time for questions, and to ensure the session timetable is respected, speakers are invited to keep to the allocated time slot. Plenary Lectures (60 minutes) are recommended to be maximum 50 minutes, allowing for a minimum of 10 minutes for discussion. The general speaking time of a lecture is fixed to either of 30 minutes (25 minutes talk plus 5 minutes discussion) for keynote lectures and 20 minutes (15+5) for oral presentations. The presentations should be prepared in one of the following available formats: .pdf, .ppt, .pptx or .odp files. (No hardcopy transparencies can be used).

The speakers should submit their presentations on the computer available, for checking and storage, in the room where the talk is scheduled. Please put your presentation on the computer desktop, in the folder corresponding to your session.

All speakers are kindly asked to ensure their lecture is submitted half a day in advance of their lecture time.

Speakers should advice their chairpersons well in advance for any changes or special requests that might occur concerning their presentation.