IL MILIONE is a suite of computer programs devoted to protein crystal structure determination by X-ray crystallography. The current package also contains Sir2014, the latest version of the well-known Sir package for the solution and refinement of small molecule single crystal structures.

IL MILIONE  may be used in the following key activities:

Ab initio phasing, via Patterson or direct methods
The program may succeed even with structures with up to 6000 non-H atoms in the asymmetric unit, provided that atomic resolution is available, and with data at quasi-atomic resolution (1.4–1.5 Å).
Single or multiple isomorphous replacement, single- or multiple-wavelength anomalous diffraction, and single or multiple isomorphous replacement with anomalous scattering techniques. In the first step the program finds the heavy-atom/anomalous scatterer substructure, then automatically uses the above information to phase protein reflections. Phase extension and refinement are performed by electron density modification techniques.
Molecular replacement
The orientation and the location of the protein molecules are found via reciprocal space methods. Phase extension and refinement are performed by electron density modification techniques. All the programs integrated into IL MILIONE are controlled by means of a user-friendly graphical user interface, which is used to input data and to monitor intermediate and final results by means of real-time updated messages, diagrams and histograms.

Registered users can freely download the latest version of IL MILIONE/SIR2008 for all the supported operating systems: Windows XP and above, several Linux distributions and Mac OS X 10.5. The source package is also available and can be easily compiled by users of other Linux distributions or Unix-based systems using the standard GNU development tools.

Previous versions of the packages are also available, albeit their use is strongly discouraged due to the continuous improvement, together with the addition of new functionalities, of the most recent version of the packages.

Older versions of ILMILIONE and SIR9x-SIR20xx are considered obsolete and can be downloaded by registered users from this web page.


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Il Milione: a suite of computer programs for crystal structure solution of proteins

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