QualX (Altomare et al., 2015) is a program for qualitative phase analysis by powder diffraction data.
QualX is able to carry out the phase identification by inquiring the PDF-2 commercial database and a
new freely available database: POW_COD.
POW_COD has been developed by the authors of QualX
program and created by using the structure information contained in the Crystallography Open Database
(COD) (Grazulis et al., 2009, 2012). The PDF database is maintained and continuously updated by the
International Center for Diffraction Data (ICDD) (ICDD, 2003). The main novelty of QualX, with
respect to its previously distributed version (Altomare et al., 2008), is the possibility of managing the
POW_COD database.


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If you use this program, please cite
Altomare, A., Corriero, N., Cuocci, C., Falcicchio, A., Moliterni, A., Rizzi, R.
QUALX2.0: a qualitative phase analysis software using the freely available database POW_COD,
J. Appl. Cryst. (2015)
. 48, 598-603.