Sir2014 is the latest product of the Sir family, widely used for the crystal structure solution of small/medium size and proteins single-crystal structures using either X-ray or electron diffraction data.

It includes many new features that are described in the program help. Among them:

MDM procedure
VLD procedure;
Simulated Annealing;
Molecular Replacement;
improved integration with Jav, the new visualizer in 3D;
possibilty to start the program using a shelx file (.ins) as input.
The current version is a standalone package, and can be downloaded separately from the full structure solution suite IL MILIONE. Sir2014 supports the main current operating systems.

Windows: Sir2014 runs on Windows XP/7/8; setup packages are provided for these versions of Windows.
Linux: these packages run on the 32 or 64 bit versions of the main current distributions.
Mac OS X: Sir2014 is provided for runs on Mac (Lion and Mountain Lion).
Source code is provided in tar.gz and bz2 format.
M.C. Burla, R. Caliandro, B. Carrozzini, G. L. Cascarano, C. Cuocci, C. Giacovazzo, M. Mallamo, A. Mazzone  and G. Polidori, “Crystal structure determination and refinement via SIR2014”, J. Appl. Cryst. (2015). 48, 306–309