SUNBIM is a suite of integrated programs which, through a user friendly Graphical User Interface, is optimized to perform:
i.  q-scale calibration and 2D→1D folding on SAXS/GISAXS/WAXS/GIWAXS data, also including possible
eccentricity corrections for WAXS/GIWAXS data;
ii.  background evaluation and subtraction, denoising and deconvolution of the primary beam angular divergence on SAXS/GISAXS profiles;
iii.  indexing of 2D GISAXS frames and extraction of 1D GISAXS profiles along specific cuts;
iv.  scanning microscopy in absorption and SAXS contrast: collection of transmission and SAXS data, in a mesh across mm2 area, organization of the as-collected data into a single composite image of the transmitted intensity values or 2D SAXS frames, analysis of the composed data to derive the absorption map and/or the spatial distribution and orientation of nano-scale structures over the scanned area.

 SUNBIM is developed in MATLAB language and it is distributed through this link . It is free of charge for academic, by accepting a license agreement during the software setup, as a stand-alone executable program for MS WINDOWS (a self-extracted executable setup file, 32 and 64 bit, is included at the distribution). The package uses MATLAB Compiler Runtime Library (MCR is free of charge and included in the distribution package).

D. Siliqi, L. De Caro, M. Ladisa, F. Scattarella, A. Mazzone, D. Altamura, T. Sibillano, and C. Giannini. Sunbim: A package for x-ray imaging of nano- and biomaterials using saxs, waxs, gisaxs and giwaxs techniques. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 49:1107–1114,2016.