Software Available

The software packages currently developed at IC are:

  • Sir: a widely used package for the solution and refinement of small single-crystal structures using either X-ray or electron diffraction data. It is also included in IL MILIONE.
  • IL MILIONE: a suite of computer programs devoted to protein crystal structure determination by X-ray crystallography. The package currently contains the program Sir2014 for the solution and refinement of small structures.
  • EXPO2014: an integrated package for the indexation of a powder diffraction pattern, the extraction of integrated intensities, the space group determination, the crystal structure solution via Direct Methods and/or by a direct-space approach, and the structure refinement by the Rietveld technique.
  • QualX2: a computer program for phase identification using powder diffraction data.
  • Quanto: a Rietveld program for quantitative phase analysis of polycrystalline mixtures from powder diffraction data.
  • SunBIM: a suite of programs for the supra- and sub-molecular X-ray imaging of nano and bio materials with SAXS, WAXS, GISAXS and GIWAXS techniques
  • RootProf: An interactive, general purpose tool for processing unidimensional profiles with specific applications to X-ray diffraction measurements

The software is free for academic and non-profit research institutions, while it requires the payment of a license fee to commercial users.