Graphic area

The graphic area of QualX program is composed by 3 parts:

powder pattern area: visualizes the powder pattern on top at left.

peak list area: it is a grid on top at right containing the peak list of the experimental pattern, the
accepted and selected phases. Selecting one or more peaks in the grid the corresponding peak(s) in the
pattern is (are) marked. Clicking on the button  and pulling the mouse on the powder pattern area it
is possible to highlight peaks on the grid. If you press ‘Delete Peaks’ in the menu ‘Pattern’ the selected
peaks will be deleted.

results list: shown in the lower part of the window, it contains information about the phases obtained
after the search-match step. Some information will appear: the quality mark (QM); the entry number
(CARD); the compound name; the chemical formula; some of the contributions to the total FoM
concerning peak positions (‘Peakpos.’ column) and intensities (‘Intensity’ column); the scale value; the
total FoM (‘FoM’ column); the I/Ic value useful for a semi-quantitative analysis (‘S-Quant.’ column). The check bottons in the last column allow to keep visible more than one phase in the powder pattern area.
Use the button ‘Remove selected phase(s)’ in the menu ‘Search’ to delete the selected phase (by mouse
click). A group of phases can be deleted but they must be selected by the mouse.