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Undo/Redo: Use undo option to erase the last operation. The redo option reverses the undo one. ,

Plot Style: opens a window to modify colours and styles of the graphic area.

Zoom in: enables the zoom. When the zoom is enabled the cursor appears as a magnifying glass.

Resize: shows the complete pattern if a zoom of the pattern has been carried out.

Autoscale: rescales the plot up to the highest intensity in the zoom area.

Zoom left: moves to the left the zoom area.

Zoom right: moves to the right the zoom area.

Peak selection: tags the peaks in the area of the pattern selected by mouse.

Peak over axis: visualizes peaks with long bars over the X axis.

Peak under axis: visualizes peaks with short bars under the X axis.

Marker: enables the visualization of powder pattern with markers.

Difference Plot: enables the visualization of differences between experimental peak intensities and line
intensities of the selected phase.