The following test mixtures are provided in Install_dir\QualX\examples\ where

Install_dir is the default installation folder on your operating system (e.g., C:\Program

  1. example1.dat (laboratory data, CuKa radiation). It is an example of a laboratory-prepared three-phase mixture. Its composition is: corundum, silicon and lanthanum hexaboride; the corresponding true weight fractions are 50.0%, 30.0%, 20.0%.
  2. CPD2.dat (laboratory data, CuKa radiation). It is a four-phase mixture belonging to a set of test samples prepared for a round robin on Quantitative Phase Analysis (QPA) organized by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Commission on Powder Diffraction (CPD) (Madsen
    et al., 2001; Scarlett et al., 2002). X-ray diffraction data are affected by preferred orientation effects. The mixture composition is: corundum, zincite, fluorite and brucite; the corresponding true weight fractions are 21.27%, 19.94%, 22.53% and 36.26%.
  3. MIXT_5.dat (laboratory data,CuKa radiation). It is an example of a laboratory-prepared five-phase mixture. Its composition is : corundum, lanthanum hexaboride, zincite, calcite and silicon. The corresponding true weight fractions are: 28.40%, 18.70%, 13.10%, 30.90% and 8.90%.​