Installing the program

On Windows platforms

Refer to Sir2019Readme.txt file for updated information.

    • Run Sir2019SetUp-XX.exe
  • Run the program by clicking on the Sir2019 (or Jav) icon
   ​Sir2019 icon      Jav icon

On Linux / Unix / MacOS platforms

Refer to README file for updated information.

  • To install Sir2019  you need to execute the following commands:
      1. tar xvfz sir2019-XX.tar.gz
      1. cd sir2019-XX
      1. ./configure  –prefix=destination_directory –srcdir=sir2019_source_directory
      1. make clean
    1. make install

Executable files will be stored in destination_directory/bin

Be sure that the destination_directory/bin is in the PATH.

  • To start the program:

Click on Sir2019 icon or start sir2019 in a terminal window.

Installing dependencies:

1. Install build tools
Most Linux distributions come with the core set of development tools already installed but, if not, you will need to install the following packages via the appropriate package manager.

Autoconf Program which writes configure scripts.
automake Program which writes Makefiles.
libtool Generic library support script.
g++ C++ compiler from the GNU compiler collection
Fortran compiler compliant with Fortran 95 standard: Sir2019 has written and tested using the Intel Fortran Compilers (ifort) but, if  IFORT is not available, GNU Fortran (gfortran) could be also used.

2. Install graphic development packages
Sir2019 requires development files for gtk+ library, Mesa OpenGL utility library,  multiprotocol file transfer library libcurl and FFTW.
The name of the libraries could be slightly different dipending on your GNU/Linux distribution. The names of the packages is reported for some tested distribution.
Debian distributions: libgtk2.0-dev (or libgtk-3-dev), libgl1-mesa-dev,
(Ubuntu, Mint) libglu1-mesa-dev, libcurl4-gnutls-dev, libfftw3-dev

RedHat distributions: gtk2-devel-….. (or gtk3-devel-…..),
(Fedora, CentOS) mesa-libGL-devel-….., mesa-libGLU-devel-….., libcurl-devel-….., fftw-devel
Mandriva: libgtk+2.0-devel (or libgtk+3.0-devel), libmesagl1-devel, libmesaglu1-devel, libcurl-devel
Suse: gtk2-devel (or gtk3-devel), mesa-devel, libcurl-devel

Configure process

The configure procedure use the first Fortran compiler found in the following list:

ifort  gfortran  g95  lf95  pgf90  pgf95  ifc  efc  gfort  xlf95  xlf  f95  f90

It is possible to modify the compiler selection adding, to the configure command, the option


If no Fortran90/95 compiler is installed, it is possible to download the  GFortran compiler.

If no GTK libraries are installed, it is possible to download them from Internet.


Some examples:


./configure  –prefix=$HOME –srcdir=$PWD


./configure –prefix=$HOME –srcdir=$PWD FC=gfortran

Intel Fortran

./configure  –prefix=$HOME –srcdir=$PWD FC=ifort


./configure –prefix=$HOME –srcdir=$PWD FC=f95


./configure –prefix=$HOME –srcdir=$PWD FC=lf95

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