Description of Sir2019

The main modules of the program are: DATA, INVARIANTS (if MDM or SDM  is required), PHASE, Simulated Annealing (SANNEL),  Molecular Replacement (REMO) and SAD/MAD structure determination (MAD).

If the graphic interface is active, it is possible to visualize the model using Jav.

If the number of atoms in the asymmetric unit does not exceed 500 it is possible to  modify, complete and refine the model using the tools provided by Jav.

A web based help is available in order to describe the program and all the features and tools accessible via graphics.

Information about the program version can be obtained through the About window if graphics is active

or using the command

sir2019 –version

from the terminal window.

Thanks are due to J. Gonzalez-Platas (2D Contouring tools)  for the code integrated in Sir2019.

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