The Graphic Interface

The graphic interface provides a tool to monitor the process of solution and refinement of the structure. The user can interact with the program using the facilities accessible through the menu and the toolbar.

The following icons belongs to the main  toolbar; click on them for more info:

   Terminates the program.

   A new  input file is created.

   An old  input file is opened and the run started. Input file can be edited.

   An old  project (.BIN)  file is opened.

   The project binary file or the model can be saved ( .SAV or .MDL extension).

   A previously saved project file or model is restored.

   Reset the view for the model.

   Show/Hide atom labels.

   Preferred representation for the model.

   Start Jav loading the current model and the related map.

   3D map viewer.

   2D contour facility.

The menu items follow:

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